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Individual Therapy /Home, Community & School Based Therapy



















Children cannot be treated in isolation of the family and outside systems that affect them.  Therefore, along with individual play therapy, we engage in outreach work to support the child in the context of the family, school and other support networks within the community.   


The purpose of counselling and therapeutic support is to improve a child’s confidence, skills and ability to manage and express their feelings so that their self esteem improves and they are able to take reasonable risks, recognise stress and maintain healthy relationships. This will help them to work towards realising their full potential.


We offer a range of support to cater for differing needs;

  • Individual psychodynamic counselling

  • Home, community or school based therapy

  • Counselling for young offenders, single parents, school refusers, looked after children

Individual Psychodynamic Counselling


Psychodynamic counselling looks at what is acted out in the relationship between the child and the counsellor as a way to explore how past experiences and the feelings associated with them, may impact upon current relationships and learning.


Home and Community Based Interventions


Home and community based inteventions allows the child to be treated within the context of family and support networks within the community.  This will sometimes involve home visits or community based meetings with the aim of empowering the family to care for the child within his /her natural environment; tapping into the power dynamics within the nuclear and extended family and enlisting the support of influential family members to help the child.


We specialize in counselling young people and adolescents who are struggling with a wide range of issues such as;


Young Offenders/Single Parents/School Refusers/Looked After Children/Eating Difficulties/Depression/ Sleeping Difficulties

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