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I offer a psychotherapy, counselling and training service to children, adolescents, adults and families, with a special focus on Parent-Infant Relationships from pregnancy to age 3 years.  Psychotherapy and counselling is offered individually or in a group and is always confidential, personal and non-judgmental.  I also conduct training for families and professionals and conduct research in parent infant psychotherapy in order to develop best practice.

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The meaning of the word ‘foster’ is ‘to promote the development of’…


A good foster placement is not just a place to live; good foster carers act as parents do. 


Current multidisciplinary approaches focus on safeguarding the foster children – but who safeguards the mental health of the Foster Carer?


Authorities claim that they wish to create permanence for foster children (DFES 2000); however, permanence for children follows on from a well-supported foster-family.


A sucesful foster placement is where the child is able to experience positive, lasting relationships; with the help of professionals, the legal framework, psychological and spiritual support.









Counselling for

children &                    adolescents




Children cannot be treated in isolation of the family and outside systems that affect them.  Therefore, along with individual and group therapy, we engage in outreach work to support the child in the context of the family, school and other support networks within the community. 


Very young children are helped through play therapy until they are able to use words to talk about their feelings.    Read more...


Though counselling and psychotherapy is helpful at every age and stage of development; early intervention in the first two years is highly effective in treating difficulties in the parent infant relationshp.



Parent Infant Experience is an early intervention service that offers early help for families, from pregnancy and the first two years.  The bonding process between mother and baby or father and baby can be disturbed for many reasons, such as separation after birth or due to traumatic experiences.  Through parent infant psychotherapy parent/s and child are helped to recover the relationship.

The Parent-Infant pair must be cared for as a unit if they are to be helped towards optimal development.  Early intervention in the mother-baby relationship can reduce developmental disorders in later years.


Training is also provided for early years professionals.


There is a family story behind every child that is missing from education: a lone parent struggling to make ends meet or domestic violence; a parent or child suffering with physical sickness such as sickle cell or ADHD; or emotional pain such as depression or eating disorders.  Maybe an angry teenager is acting out his rage through offending behavior.  The story of each family is different therefore the intervention needed will also be different.

Yvonne Osafo DPsych Psych.

Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychotherapist

Parent-Infant Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (UKCP)

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We parent our children according to unconscious rules which are passed down from generation to generation.  These rules can be made conscious and modified with the help of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. 

We utilize psychotherapeutic tools to facilitate positive change in families. 






    Parent-Infant Psychotherapy




    Is improvement in the nature of internal parental representations a key factor in therapeutic change?


    An in-depth qualitative study of a single case.













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    • Parent Infant Relationship problems

    • Anxiety & Depression

    • Marital & Relationship Problems

    • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    • Fears & Phobias

    • Eating Disorders

    • Self Harm

    • Bereavement

    • Self Development


    Issues concerning:


    A baby cannot exist alone but is essentially part of a relationship.


    D W Winnicott 1987

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